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Workshop: The Art of being a Scientist - Friday 23rd September (10:30-13:00), IDL's Library

Roel has been doing this workshop around the world, not only for students but also for scientists of all ages, namely for those supervising early career scientists.

Pedro Miranda on the Portuguese TV, commenting on the high temperatures of the last months

Raquel Figueiredo, IDL's PhD student, in the winning team of the DesignDAY 2016 – Guimarães Green Urban Challenge

In this contest, the participants were asked to create solutions to promote the use of bikes in the region of Guimarães.
Raquel Figueiredo, IDL's and MIT Portugal PhD student, was part of the winning team of the contest.

Sara Freitas, Ângelo Casaleiro e Rodrigo Silva also participated in this challenge. Congratulations to all!

More information:

Article in Expresso about the warm waters in Algarve, with testimonials from Carlos da Câmara

Grants in the Lisbon Doctoral School on Earth System Science

The EARTHSYSTEMS program gathers a multidisciplinary group of geophysicists, meteorologists, oceanographers, geodesists, geologists, geochemists, biologists and statisticians, based at UL and IPMA, with a common interest in Earth processes: control of Climate in different time scales; influence on natural resources distribution and characteristics; effect on major natural hazards; impact on sustainable development. http://idl.ul.pt/node/403#ES2017

Article in Observador: "If Lisbon shakes, would it fall as Amatrice? ”, with testimonials from João Cabral

Link to the article: http://observador.pt/especiais/se-lisboa-abanar-cai-como-amatrice/

Image Credit: Observador

Nem só de rochas vivem os geólogos:o mais longevo petrel gigante do Sul (na edição de Setembro da National Geographic Portugal)

No passado mês de Janeiro, uma equipa de geólogos Portugueses constituída por Pedro Ferreira (Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia, LNEG) e João Mata (IDL, FCUL) esteve em missão geológica na Antártida realizada no âmbito do Programa PROPOLAR ( http://www.propolar.org). Tinham como objetivo a amostragem de rochas magmáticas cretácicas e paleogénicas, com vista ao seu posterior estudo geoquímico tendo em vista melhor compreender a evolução dos processos de subducção na região.

IDL researchers on the Portuguese T.V. commenting on the earthquake in Italy

A magnitude-6.2 earthquake was felt in the middle of the night of the 24th of August in the center of Italy. In the last days, IDL researchers (João Duarte, Marta Neres, Susana Custódio and Pedro Terrinh) have been commenting on this eartquake on the Portuguese T.V..

José Madeira and Rachid Omira in the team of experts of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) sent to Cape Verde

José Madeira, IDL’s researcher and Rachid Omira, IPMA and IDL’s researcher, will be part of a team of the UNDAC, in the field (Brava island). An alert for the eminent risk of a volcanic eruption in the Brava island in Cape Verde has been recently released. The team of experts was placed together after a request from Cape’s Verde government to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN/OCHA), to support the potential seismic crisis.

IDL’s “Ciência Viva no Verão” activities in the news of Setúbal

Here (http://www.mun-setubal.pt/pt/noticia/ciencia-revela-segredos-da-natureza...) you can read about the activity “Discovering Earth: Earthquakes and Solar Energy” from the 29th of July, with testimonials from Ana Rita Montes and Daniela Bolrão. The activity counted with the collaboration of Serviço Municipal de Proteção Civil de Setúbal and Bombeiros de Setúbal.


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